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Jason Stallworth Guitar BridgewayWelcome to my musician website! I’ve had a passion for metal music since I was 15. I picked up the guitar after hearing Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ and ‘And Justice for All’ albums. I was also heavily influenced by other hard rock and heavy metal bands of that era as well as a friend and mentor Ron Goodman.

Although my taste in in metal music I don’t limit myself. I also write and play other genre’s. I’ve written some acoustic songs as well as some ambient sounding tracks.

My music is known for being more on the melodic side, especially the metal music I write. I do have some fast guitar solos and heavy riffs but I also aspire to captivate the soul with melodies and harmonies.

Latest News – New Album ‘Apocalyptic Dreams’

I’m happy to announce that my new (and very first) album has been released. ‘Apocalyptic Dreams’ is a 12 song melodic metal instrumental album. Click below to order. 

Jason Stallworth: Apocalyptic Dreams

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Jason Stallworth

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