Jason Stallworth ESP Guitar Rocky Shirt

Jason Stallworth - Metal Musician & SongwriterWelcome to my musician website. I’ve had a passion for music since I was a child. It wasn’t until my mid-teens when I started getting into heavy metal. Something struck me when I heard Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ and ‘And Justice for All’ albums. It wasn’t long after when I started learning guitar. I was 15.

My music is known for being more on the melodic side. I want the music to say something; I want my guitar to ‘sing’ the melodies as well as orchestrate harmonies. I’m going for that ‘punch you in the soul’ effect.

Although my first love in the music world is metal, I don’t limit myself. I also write and record other genre’s of music. I have a diverse library from acoustic tracks to ambient songs with a soundtrack feel.

Jason’s Music

I’m working on my 2nd studio album, which is somewhat of a concept album. I combined my two greatest passions: metal music and weight training.

“Heavy Metal Workout” is an instrumental album filled with heavy metal style workout music. The tracks are heavy and driving, designed to motivate you wheel workout.

Check out this sneak preview of one of the tracks called ‘Shredded’