My Latest Album

Earlier this year I released an album that allowed me to combine my two greatest passions in life. Obviously the first being heavy metal music and the second is weight training.

Heavy Metal Workout is an instrumental metal album filled tracks catered to get you pumped easy to train. The tracks are chunky and driving, and are designed to motivate you while working out.

Click the link below to purchase or listen on iTunes. You can also read more about the making of Heavy Metal Workout here.

Jason Stallworth – Official Site

Welcome to the Official Jason Stallworth Musician website. Here you can find my album releases and updates on music projects I’m working on.

The majority of music I write and release is mainly instrumental metal. Though my music is indeed heavy, it’s known to have more of a melodic and captivating feel. There’s a nice balance of hooks and progressive riffs. My goal has always been for my music to reach out and grab you and punch you in the soul. It’ll take you for a euphoric ride while having the ability to bring tears at the same time.

Although my first love in the music world is heavy metal, which includes many sub-genres of rock and metal, I don’t limit myself. I also write and record other genre’s. Aside from my metal music, I have a diverse library from acoustic tracks to ambient songs with a soundtrack feel. With that, I also have songs with vocal tracks.

Keep it Metal,