1 Month Old

I remember people telling me that time passes by faster as you grow older. I’m certain they were right. It’s been just over a month since the release of my 2nd studio album, Heavy Metal Workout.

This was an exciting album to record. In fact, the recording process was fairly seamless. I seemed to have spent more effort releasing the album than I did writing and recording it (it was originally scheduled for January). You can read more about the recording process here.

First Metal Workout Alum Recorded

What I didn’t realize when I had the initial idea was this has never been done before; a metal workout music album. Sure, there’s an overabundance of metal music playlists for working out. But to my knowledge, no one’s ever written an actual metal instrumental album specifically for working out (until now!).

Obviously you don’t have to workout to listen to Heavy Metal Workout. Of course I do encourage everyone to be involved in some sort of physical activity. I just happen to love weight training. Combining metal music with the weights seemed natural to me.

Classic Heavy Metal Workout Music

When I was writing Heavy Metal Workout I was thinking along the lines of classic metal music. I was thinking something close to Metallica’s Master of Puppets meets a handful of modern bands such as Killswitch Engage. This style of metal has plenty of chunk and riffs, which to me is the heart of metal music in general.

Heavy Metal Workout is all instrumental. Sometimes vocals or lyrics can create a distraction and I didn’t want that. I also didn’t want the music to be super-fast or have any odd timings. Rather, I wanted to create a steady groove that would motivate people to keep pushing through their workout (Heavy Metal Workout makes for good driving music too).

Future Metal Workout Albums?

So will there be more metal workout music albums recorded? I’m pretty sure there will. In the back of my mind, I plan to release a follow up album within the year. Although I haven’t started recording anything for it, I’m already thinking of a ‘Volume II’ for Heavy Metal Workout and creating something a bit more extreme.

I actually hope to expand to some different styles and sub-genres of metal workout music. But I need to take this one step at a time. I’m guilty of coming up with a ton of ideas and being overwhelmed to the point where I don’t whole-heartedly pursue any of them. Between my online business (TheMuscleProgram) and writing music, I’m a bit stretched. And I’m also wanting to release another album that’s not related to metal workout music. So I’ll need to tactfully juggle my ‘regular music’ and metal workout music album releases.

Keep it Metal,



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