Akademia Music Award – My Experience, the Good and Bad

UPDATED: September 2017

I wanted to provide a quick update here, or more of an Akademia (Music Awards) review. It’s important to note that I discontinued the service after my one-year contract was up. I’ll tell you why, and I’ll also give you the pros and cons based on my experience.

Akademia Pros:

  • Radio play across several stations
  • Global recognition (the stations are world-wide)

Akademia Cons:

  • No way to measure results or financial gain
  • $600 for a year (what am I paying for??)
  • Had to cancel through PayPal as no one answered my cancellation requests (sent 3 notifications prior to my year being up and they proceeded to bill me afterwards; asked for a refund for that extra month – all I head were crickets, so I had to manually cancel)
  • There were focused only on one song, not my entire album

In short, the biggest thing for me was there’s no way to measure results. In other words, what exactly am I getting for that $600 a year ($49 and change came out of my account each month)? All I received was a template-style email every month or so that stated I was getting radio-play at certain stations, and that I was on whatever chart. I listened to some of these stations, randomly, but never heard my songs (perhaps I simply missed it).

In my opinion, if I’m paying for a service, I need to see measurable results in regards to financial gain. Us solo and independent artists have it tough enough as it is. If radio-play isn’t resulting in sales or downloads, then it’s useless. And again, I had no way of measuring if radio-play was resulting in sales. In fact, the sales I made from iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and such were from my own Facebook advertising and there social media outlets.

I’m not a big fan of bashing people or businesses unless it’s a clear deliberate scam. I don’t think that’s the case here. I don’t think Akademia is a scam, per say. I believe Akademia is really trying to give musicians a different edge. But in my opinion, they have a lot of work to do to enhance their business model. I’ll say it again, you have to provide measurable results. So would I recommend Akademia? It’s not something I would ever use again based on my experience.

Keep it Metal,



*my original post is below, when i first signed up…

Original Post: 

A while back someone told me I should submit my latest album to this organization called Akademia. I’d never heard of them, and it was only $20 for the submission, so I figured ‘why not?’ That’s a small price for even the slightest possibility for album promotion.

June 2016 Best Heavy Metal Album

Just a few weeks ago it was announced that my album Heavy Metal Workout won the Best Heavy Metal Album for June 2016! Yes, I’m a bit late blogging about this (although I did post this news on my Facebook when it came out). Needless to say I was pretty stoked, and still am.

I’ve never won much of anything (other than a few prime moments with the slot machines at the Hard Rock Casino here in Tampa!). Of course I do expect great things to happen with my music, and it’s only over the past few years that I’ve gotten serious and fully committed to writing and releasing metal music. On that note, winning something from your own creation, no mater how great or small, is definitely a boost.

Here’s a cool blurb from their website stating Heavy Metal Workout won Best Heavy Metal Album:

Akademia Best Heavy Metal Album June 2016 write up

You can click here for their page with my album.

Akademia – Music & Artist Promotion

Not knowing anything about the Akademia Music Awards, I started doing a little research. It seems they’re heavily involved with (and own many) radio stations. I’m assuming these are mainly online stations. And of course they’re forte is promoting music through media and press. Those are not bad friends to have as an independent solo artist.

Akademia is located in Los Angeles, CA and we may even have an opportunity to go there for an artist expose through winning this award. That would be extremely cool as I’ve never been to LA and have always wanted to visit.

Solo Metal Artist

Being an independent solo artist can certainly be challenging. Especially in such a small genre, such as heavy metal (and I even narrow it down to the sub-genres of instrumental metal and melodic metal). But I’ll take this challenge head-on because I love doing what I do, and I’m always going to write metal music.

With that comes self-promotion. Much of this is free, so to speak, such as posting on social media. I tend to use Facebook more than anything else (I’ve recently starting posting short videos).  And many of you are subscribed to my YouTube channel. But as a solo artist, you also have to actively seek out opportunities and sometimes even be willing to invest a little.

It appears I may have stumbled upon an organization that can promote my music a lot deeper than I can on my own. And there’s absolutely no harm in getting help from experts in the industry that have connections and such (this holds true for any industry). So that’s my hope with Akademia. I will keep you all posted!

Keep it Metal,

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