Arch Enemy Concert 2017 Recap: Orlando House of Blues

I’ve been an Arch Enemy fan for a couple of years now. I know they’ve been around for a while but for some reason I never listed to them in prior years (yes, I know…throw something at me). Once I listened to them them for the first time, I was hooked. And when I heard they were coming to Florida during their Will to Power tour, I immediately went to Ticketmaster’s site.

Just to note, this concert was Arch Enemy and Trivium, and there was also an opening band, While She Sleeps. This event was called the 101.1 WJRR’s Halloweenie Roast, held at The House of Blues in Orlando, FL (I live in Seffner, about an hour away).

I’m going to mostly talk about Arch Enemy, as that’s who I was there for. I was also excited to see Jeff Loomis play live. I remember hearing about Jeff Loomis joining Arch Enemy a while back. I’ve been following Jeff Loomis since Nevermore, and of course I’m a big fan of his solo albums (I hope he continues to release solo work).

Arch Enemy Hits the Stage

Arch Enemy entered the stage during the dramatic build up of the intro of ‘The World is Yours.’ The song kicked in and the band released a butt-load of energy, which was maintained throughout the whole show.

Alissa White Gluz is one of the top death metal vocalists, and one of my personal favorites. It can be difficult to captivate people with death metal vocals, as many end up sounding like the Cookie Monster. Not Alissa. She’s in a class of her own and her vocals have a divine clarity to them. During show, you could look around and see people actually singing along with the music. That’s a testament to her talent. Alissa is also one of the best front-persons I’ve seen live.

I really enjoyed watching Jeff Loomis and Michael Amott trading licks and harmonizing guitars. Both are phenomenal guitars. Michael Amott (who founded the band in 1995…I snagged that from Wikipedia; hope it’s right!) has such an amazing and melodic style that really speaks to you. The fact that I prefer melodic death metal over most death metal in general probably has a lot to do with that.

I’m absolutely not going to leave out mentioning the drummer Daniel Erlandsson and bassist Sharlee D’Angelo. These guys are the back bone of Arch Enemy. These dudes were awesome on stage and they kept everything was tight.

Arch Enemy played a ton of songs and we (the crowd) wanted them to keep going. They were just downright awesome and you can tell they love their fans. And they played my three favorite songs by them:

The World is Yours‘ – Will to Power

Avalanche‘ – War Eternal

Nemesis‘ – Doomsday Machine

Trivium at The House of Blues

Trivium was the final band to play. After a few songs deep, front man Matt Heafy praised the crowd for being there and supporting the band, and that he’s now playing in his hometown Orlando, and at the venue where he saw his first metal concert (Machine Head). This was cool to hear. And I could tell this was an emotional moment to be standing up there living his dream.

I’ll probably get some crap for this, but I haven’t listened to Trivium much. They performed a great show and the band put out a lot of energy. These dudes come packed with talent and a passion for metal. I’ll circle back around and listen to them more after seeing them live.

Opening Band – While She Sleeps

The opening band was While She Sleeps. I had never heard of them before. Now, I’m not a negative guy and not into bashing others. But a couple things bothered me about this band. I saw their bass player throw a full bottle of water across the crowd and some water splattered on the sound equipment in the back of the room. I saw the sound dude shaking his head; you could tell he was pissed. And the lead singer kept spitting on the stage floor.

That kind of stuff just doesn’t make any sense to me and it gives people a reason to incorrectly stereotype us heavy metal musicians and fans. I get it, you have to put on a show, but there are better ways to do that. I would expect this behavior from bands that downright suck, because they have to compensate. But these guys were pretty solid, so they don’t need to do this kind of crap.

Overall, the show was awesome. I hope next time Arch Enemy will come to Tampa, although I’d certainly drive to Orlando again to see them. It would be cool to see them with a band like Amon Amarth. That would be the ultimate melodic death metal show.

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2 Comments on Arch Enemy Concert 2017 Recap: Orlando House of Blues

  1. I appreciate the comments! Like you, I’m fairly new to Arch Enemy, but I have grown to love them. Yes, the singer is awesome, and Jeff Loomis is one of my favorite guitarist’s.everything about Arch Enemy rules.
    Trivium is one of my favorite bands since first hearing them in 2007. They are very talented song writers, and I love Matt Heafy’s voice. Their new album is awesome! I can’t wait to see Trivium and Arch Enemy November 12th in Chicago.

    • Thanks for commenting Zach! Yeah man, I immediately became a fan of Arch Enemy the first time I really started listening to them (I think I heard Nemesis, and then War Eternal was coming out around that time). Yes, Trivium is extremely talented and Matt is all heart, I could feel that when he was on stage talking. I’m going to dig more into them! I’m sure the Chicago show will be awesome! Grab some Zombie Dust IPA beer (a buddy that just moved here for Chicago brought some down for me!)

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