‘Christmas Presence’ Single Released

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Christmas Metal Song

My latest single was just released on 11/11/2016. ‘Christmas Presence’ is a Christmas metal instrumental song. This gave me a chance to combine my love for heavy metal with my love of the Christmas season.

Christmas Presence starts with an ambient touch and kicks into a driving hard-rock/heavy metal rhythm. It isn’t a cover song, but you’ll hear hints of Christmas carols throughout the track.

Being in the genre of Christmas rock or Christmas heavy metal, there’s a melodic feel to the song. And there’s plenty of blazing guitar solos.

History of ‘Christmas Presence’

I wrote the original version of Christmas Presence over 4 years ago. This version was played live in a church with a full band, which turned extremely well and got a great response from the audience. But after that it kind of sat of the sidelines.

I had always been fascinated with hard rock and heavy metal Carol of the Bells covers. And there are plenty of metal renditions of other Christmas songs. But I didn’t want to put out another cover or rendition.

Around mid-2016 I decided I wanted to officially release Christmas Presence but I wanted to make some changes to the song. So I went back in the studio and started the process of re-writing and recording the entire song from scratch.

Though I kept the origin format, several parts of the melodies were changed. One of the biggest changes was the tempo during the core melodies from the harmonizing lead guitars.

I hope you enjoy this track. A lot of hard work went into recording this and I had a ton of fun doing it. I’ll be posting more on the making of Christmas Presence soon, so stay ‘tuned’ for that!

Keep it Metal,



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