‘Heavy Metal Workout’ Album Being Mastered

As most of you know I started writing and recording what will be my 2nd album release late last year in 2015. I believe it was the middle of November after our Thailand trip when I started laying down the tracks for Heavy Metal Workout. I set aside a couple of hours three to four times a week for studio time, for several weeks.

I had this idea for almost two years. Lifting weights and heavy metal just sounded like a marriage meant to last. It fits. And it fits quite well because metal music in general is aggressive and can quickly stir up that inner beast. For those (like myself) who aren’t aggressive by nature, metal music still gives us that fuel, like some sort of cosmic energy that makes us feel like we’re on top of the world. That’s the best way I can describe it for me. But in either case, instrumental metal is perfect for working out.

I’m not sure what held me back but when we returned home from Thailand, this thing hit me like a train and I knew I had to get into the studio and write this album. It was like an angel came down and blessed me with the ability to write non-stop. I’ve never generated this much music in such a short amount of time. Keep in mind I have a full time corporate job as well as a web-based marketing business I run. Every night, I was coming up with new music and within less than six weeks, I had a fun album created for this concept.

Album Mastering & Cover

So here we are, with a complete album. It’s now going into the mastering phase, which just today I reached out to Mike, owner of JMO Services, LLC. Mike handled the mastering of my first album, Apocalyptic Dreams that I released in December of 2013. I was very pleased with the outcome so I”m 100% comfortable going that route for Heavy Metal Workout.

Heavy Metal Workout - Jason Stallworth - front

In theory, I should have had this album released in January as I had originally planned. I got stuck on the album cover creation. I ended up going with something very ‘homemade’ and simple. I would love to have some darker images, like dragons going to battle or me with blacked-out eyes or something. But I think the concept being kept simple here is the way to go for this specific project.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep this as digital release only or have CDs created. I may on the physical CDs and get some feedback first to see if there’s even a market for that. I know most people, myself included, stick with digital these days (although CD quality is far superior).

Workout Metal – A Perfect Marraige

Some of you know my story, but in short, I started lifting weights in my mid-teens (I was a small kid that got picked on a lot!). It quickly became a passion. Funny thing is I started playing guitar around that same time, at 15. And I’ll expand on this more once I create the webpage for the album, once Heavy Metal Workout is released.

Heavy metal music and working out, especially lifting weights, do indeed have a special bond. I’m honestly hoping to create my own niche with this. I’ll be making some videos for this album and may also offer a workout program eBook to go along with this. There’s a possibility of Heavy Metal Workout merchandise too, so stay tuned!

Keep it Metal,



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