Heavy Metal Workout Album Released

Looking for heavy metal workout music? I’ve just released my 2nd studio album. It’s an instrumental metal album called Heavy Metal Workout.

This album contains 12 tracks of hard-hitting, motivationally driven, heavy metal music suited for working out. Whether you’re into weight training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, running, Cross Fit, Tough Mudder, or any extreme activities, I’m providing you with the metal workout music written specifically for you.

It’s been proven that listening to metal workout music can help you increase your intensity when training. You’re more focused, aggressive, stronger, and can workout longer. It pumps you up! Metal workout music puts you in that zone. Not to mention this album is far cheaper than any supplement you’d buy, and it lasts forever!

First Metal Workout Music Album

There are a lot of playlists created out there for metal workout music. That’s great because they’re are countless heavy metal songs that are motivational. It fits. But the problem is sometimes the songs are inconsistent with the various beats and rhythms. So I had a vision to create a metal workout music album that’s specifically for people like us.

This is the first original metal workout music album ever created. I wrote this for those of us that love to train and want hat extra edge to train hard. Though the tracks have a variety of metal riffs and scorching leads, there’s a constant flow. It’s heavy and fast, and each song is unique, yet it’s not something that will distract you in the middle of your workout.

Buy Heavy Metal Workout

Heavy Metal Workout is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and all major digital music retailers and streaming services. See the links below to buy from iTunes and Amazon:

Buy Heavy Metal Workout on iTunes

Buy Heavy Metal Workout on Amazon

Heavy Metal Workout - Jason Stallworth - front

* You can also use my music for your YouTube videos if you make workout videos!

Heavy Metal Workout – Behind the Music

Heavy Metal Workout is passion-driven. I’ve had a love for both music and weight training for over 25 years. Musically is by far my greatest passion but working out is also a huge part of my life. Creating this metal workout music album gave me an opportunity to combine both of those passions. You want true authentic and original metal workout music? This is it!

I have written an entire page on the making of this album. And for my musician friends, I have also included the gear I used for this album, both instrumental and studio gear. You can read more by clicking the link below.

Making of Heavy Metal Workout

Keep it Metal!



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