Heavy Metal Workout II – Faster and More Aggressive Instrumental Metal for Your Workouts

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Heavy Metal Workout II is my 3rd studio album, and it’s the 2nd album to the Heavy Metal Workout series (as you may have guessed!).   Heavy Metal Workout II contains 13 instrumental metal songs.

Like the first Heavy Metal Workout album that was released a little over a year prior, HMW II is melodic in nature. However, this album has faster guitar riffs and is overall more aggressive. It’s still all instrumental metal, also catering to those that prefer metal workout music.

So what’s the difference between Heavy Metal Workout and Heavy Metal Workout II? HMW II is much more aggressive with faster guitar riffs and drums (drums were done by Ed Aborn, a genius producer and drummer). Heavy Metal Workout II is basically a roided up version on the first album in the series. If you’re looking for extreme heavy metal to listen to for your workouts, you won’t be disappointed with HMW II.

Heavy Metal Workout II

Heavy Metal Workout II
Jason Stallworth

Pre-Release August 4th, 2017
Released August 18th, 2017

Track List

01 – Death Lift
02 – Anabolica
03 – One More Round
04 – No Pain
05 – F’n Brutal
06 – Beast Mode
07 – Last Rep
08 – Go Heavy or Go Home
09 – Lean Machine
10 – Attack of Quadzilla
11 – I Must Break You
12 – Start Something
13 – Back Off

All songs written, recorded, mixed and produced by Jason Stallworth

Mastered by Mike Olson at JMO Services, LLC

**Special Guest and Musician on Drums: Ed Aborn

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The Making of Heavy Metal Workout II

I never expected to do a series of album, much less a follow to the first Heavy Metal Workout. But something strange happened after I finished recording the tracks for the original Heavy Metal Workout in February 2016. The riffs I was writing were a lot heavier and more aggressive.

I started writing guitar parts that were more along the lines of melodic death metal. I guess I have to attribute this to me listening to a ton of Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, and similar bands. I was also listening to some older metal bands like Exodus and Kreator, who aren’t considered death metal but they’re super heavy and have a lot of fast and aggressive guitar playing.

With writing fast and death metal style guitar rhythms came some great challenges. As writing these music parts were natural for me, I know the drums would be a seemingly impossible task for me to tackle alone. I’m not a drummer (or at least now here near good enough to play drums for there music I write), and being a studio musician, I’m not out and about meeting other musicians, so at the time I did not know any drummers that could handle this type of music.

Towards the end of recording all of the guitar and bass tracks for HMW II, a dude from my Facebook musician page reached out to me just telling me how much he liked my videos and music. I love hearing this because it serves as a connection between people. And that’s what life is all about. Well, that’s what it should be about!

We chatted for a while and as I dug deeper I soon found that I was talking to a professional producer and drummer, Ed Aborn. I somehow talked him into handling the drum tracks for this album. This was a tremendous relief and Ed did a phenomenal job. I needed a true drummer’s perspective for this album. And I don’t think…actually, I know for a fact Heavy Metal Workout II would be nowhere near as great without Ed Aborn’s help. Ed also gave me a lot of extremely helpful advice for the album, which I was grateful for.

Once all the drum tracks were completed, things got really fun (I say that with a taste of sarcasm). I realized two things. I needed to go back and re-record ALL of the bass guitar tracks to better match what Ed did on the drums. The second thing was, and this kills my ego, some of my rhythm guitar parts were off on a few songs. So I had to go back and re-record those parts as well.

I had recorded most of the lead guitar tracks during the phase of laying down the rhythm guitar tracks. I did go back and touch some of those up. Like the first Heavy Metal Workout album, I didn’t fill every second of every song with guitar solos. It was tempting but I had to remind myself that this is a themed album for instrumental metal workout music. I didn’t want to create any distractions. And sometimes guitar solos can do that. But I did throw in plenty of cool guitar solos, and there are also several parts with dueling guitar solos.

Back to what I called the meat and potatoes of the album, the rhythm guitars drive Heavy Metal Workout II. They’re the center of attention and they keep you motivated and moving. Obviously you don’t have to listen to Heavy Metal Workout II only when you workout. At the end of the day, it’s a super heavy instrumental metal album with a melodic death metal twist. But I do expect this album to get you pumped and force you to push out more sets and reps in the gym!

Gear used on Heavy Metal Workout II

Guitar: ESP M-1000 Deluxe
Bass: ESP D5
Amps/Effects: Positive Grid BIAS FX (Satan / Randall Satan amp simulation), Studio Devil Bass Amp Pro
Drums: Ed Aborn
Recording Hardware/Software: Presonus Interface and Studio One
Monitors: KRK G5 Rokits

Special Thanks

– Christ, for the gift of music, and gift of life.

– Candy, my beloved soul mate. I’m living proof that it makes a tremendous difference when you have a spouse that’s supportive of your dreams and passions.

– Ed Aborn for stepping in and taking over the seemingly impossible task of the drum tracks for such extreme metal. And thank you for all of your advice and support.

– Mike Olson at JMO Services LLC for perfecting Heavy Metal Workout with his mastering skills (Mike also mastered my first album, Apocalyptic Dreams).

– Eddie Gray and Tom Sherman, you guys have been closer than brothers despite the distance, and you’ve always been an integral part of my music. Thanks for the feedback and support.

– I always thank my parents for their love and support over the years, and their belief in my dream. And I’d like to thank my in-laws as well, Chuck and El for their support.

– My fans and followers; I could not do this if it weren’t for you!