Heavy Metal Workout II: Pre-Release Metal Album

It’s finally here, the pre-release of my new instrumental metal album Heavy Metal Workout II!

The actual release date of Heavy Metal Workout II is August 18th, 2017. But you can pre-order the album now (as of August 4th). With the pre-order, I have one track available, track 10: Attack of Quadzilla.


Pre-Order Heavy Metal Workout II on iTunes

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What is Heavy Metal Workout II? Like the original Heavy Metal Workout, this new metal album is instrumental metal meets workout metal. The difference is this 2nd album is more aggressive. There’s a melodic death metal theme to this metal album.

The guitars are dark and super heavy on HMW II. There’s also plenty of fast guitar solos as well as some dueling leads. You hear a lot of that in the pre-release track Attack of Quadzilla.

You’ll also hear plenty of double bass drumming along with moving bass guitar lines. And it’s all instrumental metal with no distracting vocals (although I love vocals, especially meal vocals, instrumental meal and instrumental death metal seems to keep you motivated more for your workouts).

The goal was to create music that people could listen to while they workout, since that’s a lifelong passion of mine. But wit Heavy Metal Workout II, I wanted to take it a step further. While the first edition was more of a classic, chunky heavy metal style album, HMW II is faster and a bit more driving.

This album was a long-time in the making and I want to thank you for your patience. I’m extremely happy with the way it turned out! So click on the iTunes or Amazon links below and pre-order Heavy Metal Workout II and listen to Attack of Quadzilla now!

Keep it Metal,



Pre-Order Heavy Metal Workout II on iTunes

Pre-Order Heavy Metal Workout II on Amazon

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