Heavy Metal Workout Shoulder Press Video

Most of you know that one of my passions other than music if weight training. Perhaps my latest album Heavy Metal Workout kinda gave that away!

I’ve been more active on Facebook lately and my fanbase has been quite engaging. Especially since I started post videos on Facebook. These are usually short one-minute videos of me playing metal riffs or guitar solos.

‘Jacked’ Heavy Metal Shoulder Press

My latest post was promotional video I decided to do for Heavy Metal Workout. I used the song ‘Jacked’ which is the first track on the album. An I interested a gym video of me doing shoulder press.

Listening to Metal while Working Out

For the past several years I’ve been working out without headphones. My gym usually has hard rock music on the radio. Of course sometimes a ballad will sometimes come on and that can throw off your workout a little.

That’s where my idea for Heavy Metal Workout came in. I wanted to record an album that had all upbeat, driving tempos.

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of metal while working out. Of course I’ll throw on my album sometimes. Another band I’ve been listening to a lot while working out is Amon Amarth. All of their songs are heavy and driving as well.

Metal, Weights, and More Facebook Videos

I’ve always like to hear and see my guitar heroes just pick up their guitar and play whatever. And that’s my style anyway; playing whatever comes to mind. So I’ve been posting these types of vids about once a week.

I plan to post a few more workout videos to promote Heavy Metal Workout on Facebook. This stuff is really fun for me, combining workout videos with metal music.

I will also continue posting more metal guitar videos on Facebook. I have a series called Metal Monday. Those are just me playing some random metal riffs and leads.

Lastly, I’m still planning to release a Christmas metal song. I’m having some questions regarding publisher rights as it’s somewhat of a rendition of another famous Christmas song. And I have a couple projects coming up for 2017 that I’ll be talking more about in the near future.

Keep it Metal,



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