Heavy Metal Workout

Welcome to my 2nd studio album release, and the world’s first authentic and original metal workout music album! Heavy Metal Workout contains 12 instrumental metal tracks that are hard-hitting, yet also melodic and driving. This is somewhat of a concept album as it’s catered to those who workout. So while it falls under the instrumental metal category, it’s also considered workout metal, or workout music in general.

Heavy Metal Workout was written to be motivational and triggers you to tap into your inner beast, so to speak. I wrote this in a way so that there’s no distractions. Whereas there are songs in different keys and a variety of BPMs (beats per minute), the overall groove and mood is steady. Again, it’s workout metal music. The idea is to keep you pumped up!

Despite Heavy Metal Workout catering to those who are looking for workout music, I deem this as a great album for us metal music lovers. The songs are heavy and there’s a lot of that classic djent and moving riffs. Of course if you don’t workout, I do encourage you to start!

Heavy Metal Workout Album

Heavy Metal Workout
Jason Stallworth

Released February, 2016

01 – Jacked
02 – Maxed Out
03 – Train Insane
04 – Mass Season
05 – Skull Crusher
06 – High Intensity
07 – Shut Up and Lift
08 – Weight of the World
09 – Hour of Power
10 – Grow Time
11 – Pushing and Pulling
12 – Shredded

Recorded, mixed and produced by Jason Stallworth

Mastered by Mike Olson at JMO Services, LLC

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The Making of Heavy Metal Workout

I’ve had this idea for at least two years prior to recording Heavy Metal Workout. I wanted to combine my greatest two passions in life. Obviously, my first passion is music, with a specific focus on heavy metal. This has been my love even before I picked up the guitar at 15 years old back in 1990. Around that time I had also started lifting weights around that time.

For those that don’t know, I was a small, skinny kid growing up, and I was an easy target for folks to pick on. So I begin lifting weights in my mid-teens in attempt to mitigate some of those issues. Although putting on muscle was a seemingly impossible task, I stuck with it. Weight training ultimately became a core part of my life and the consistency has paid off. I’m in the gym before 5AM, five days a week. I could write a book (and perhaps I will someday) on all of the positive things weight training has done for me over the years.

Back to the album, I want to talk a little about the process of writing and recording Heavy Metal Workout. I went back and forth on whether or not to release this as a workout music album or just a normal instrumental metal album like my first, Apocalyptic Dreams. My first thought was the fear of losing some potential listeners with the album catering to those who workout. But I also loved the idea of creating a workout metal album. I was a bit torn. The music would be released but I wasn’t sure what the name of the album would be.

I’m not sure what happened, but when we got back from our Thailand vacation in mid-November 2015, I made the decision to go with my initial thought and the vision became very clear. I started writing and recording the tracks almost every night of the week, for about six weeks straight. I don’t know that I had ever written as much new music in such a short amount of time before. But it was quite an amazing experience to sit down in my studio, night after night, pumping out new tracks!

I didn’t struggle as much with guitar tone this time around. I had already decided to use Positive Grid’s BIAS FX amps and effects for my tones. From there, it was just narrowing down the actual amp I wanted to use. It was a choice between their EVH 5150 III, Mesa Dual, and Randall amp simulators. I ended up going with the Mesa Dual, which Positive Grid calls the Treadplate. And now I’m addicted to the BIAS FX Treadplate. I already have some songs recorded for the next album using this amp sim.

The only other challenge I had was drums. Ideally, I wanted to hire a real drummer. But I had given myself a tight deadline for the release of Heavy Metal Workout. And due to this being a concept album, I wanted the drums to be great but I didn’t need anything super special. I just needed quality sounds that’s carried the rhythm and feel of the songs. So I ended up using Metal Machine from Toontrack. A lot of time went into tampering and creating these tracks but I’m extremely happy with the end result.

Lastly, I had originally intended for Heavy Metal Workout to be released by the middle of January 2016. The one thing I did not plan well was the logo and album cover. I had a really cool idea but was having trouble replicating the idea. I came up with something else and ran into some challenges, which were eventually overcome. So it’s release was about a month late. Lessons were learned here and I’ll have a strict checklist and timeline for the next album release!

Gear used on Heavy Metal Workout Album

Guitar: Ibanez RG1570
Bass: ESP D5
Amps/Effects: Positive Grid BIAS FX (Treadplate/Mesa Dual amp sim)
Drums: Toontrack Metal Machine (EZ Drummer)
Recording Software: Presonus Studio One Pro 2 (I had not yet upgraded to 3)
Interface: Presonus AudioBox USB
Monitors: KRK G5 Rokits

Heavy Metal Workout Album – Special Thanks

– Christ, for the gift of music, and gift of life.

– Candy, my beloved soul mate. I’m living proof that it makes a tremendous difference when you have a spouse that’s supportive of your dreams and passions.

– Mike Olson at JMO Services LLC for perfecting Heavy Metal Workout with his mastering skills (Mike also mastered my first album, Apocalyptic Dreams).

– Eddie Gray and Tom Sherman, you guys have been closer than brothers despite the distance, and you’ve always been an integral part of my music. Thanks for the feedback and support.

– I always thank my parents for their love and support over the years, and their belief in my dream. And I’d like to thank my in-laws as well, Chuck and El for their support.

– My fans and followers; I could not do this if it weren’t for you!

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