Heavy Metal Workout

The world's first authentic and original heavy metal workout music albums

Albums - HMW I & II

Classic instrumental metal music with chunky guitar riffs. Perfect for those heavy workouts. 

Aggressive melodic thrash metal meets death style of metal music for extreme motivation. 

Book - Heavy Metal and Weights

Heavy Metal and Weights‘ is my first book published. It’s available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback. 


I give you my story of how I got into heavy metal guitar and lifting weights, we’ll go behind the scenes in the making of the Heavy Metal Workout album series, I give you two full workout plans, and I also talk about ways to help you fulfill your passions.


Although I cover many things from my experience and get very personal, this book is more about you, and I believe you’ll come away with inspiration to do great things and pursue those dreams within you! 

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