Laying Tracks for Christmas Metal Song

Sunday mornings seem to be great for recording. My wife usually goes shopping and I have a few hours to crank it up if I need to, which I normally record at lower volumes anyway.

As the holidays are approaching (or at least will be soon!), I want to share a very specific metal tune I’m working on.

Christmas Metal

This morning I recorded some of the initial guitar tracks for a Christmas song I’ve been writing. I love metal and I also love Christmas! And I love combining the things I’m passionate about, kinda like how I did with my album Heavy Metal Workout (metal & weights!).

This isn’t a cover song but it could perhaps be deemed as a Carol of the Bells rendition. The song kind of has that theme to it, however it’s not note for note and the progressions aren’t the same. The track is called Christmas Presence.

I actually wrote this song a few years back. I shared it on Soundcloud. And I also had my church band play it live around that time. Yes, I kept the metal feel in church! We got a pretty nice response from that as well.

Christmas Presence is an instrumental metal track. I plan to release this as a single and I hope to have it out on all sources by the end of October. It would be cool to hear this in some Christmas rock and metal compilation albums.

Clean and Ambient Tracks

I’ve always appreciated song with ambient tones. It works great for intros and breakdowns in bridges of songs (and outros). So I like to include some clean, ambient tones in my music from time to time.

For you guitar players, and don’t shoot me for this, I plugged in my Line 6 POD HD500 to capture a particular sound. There’s a particle-verb (reverb effect) and delay with modulation effects I combine with that unit. I’ve yet to find anything that replicates that. So I’m using it for this song

Heavy Metal Christmas Music

There’s a few really cool heavy metal Christmas songs out there. One of my favorite tracks is from George Lynch. Christmas/ Sarajevo 12/24 from the ‘A Very Metal Christmas’ album.

The song I’m releasing is heavy but has more of a hard rock feel to it. There’s a driving factor and also a tempo change. I start out with the 3/4 timing as expected for Carol of the Bells. But I switch to a 4/4 rock timing.

Christmas Presence will be my first official Christmas release. I don’t want to give too many details. But I’m extremely excited about this release! Again, it’s only going to be a single. Someday I may record an entire Christmas album.

Stay tuned for more on this!

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