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You may have seen my metal guitar videos on Facebook that I’ve been posting. These are somewhat random. But I’ve really enjoyed the feedback I’ve been getting so I plan to keep this going. Not to mention, it’s just fun to post metal music videos.

Some of the metal music videos are clips of my songs from prior albums. Facebook has become a great tool for musicians to promote their music. I appreciate all of you that have supported me! And some will be metal guitar videos of me jamming so you can have something cool to watch and listen to.

Metal Mondays

My latest Facebook video was part of a ‘Metal Mondays’ series I’m starting. I’m hoping to post a metal guitar video every Monday but here we are on Monday and I have yet to post a video! So Metal Mondays may be a bit sporadic (I still have to work a regular day job for now).

My whole point with having Metal Mondays was to give you all a little kickstart for the week. It’s like a strong cup of java that’s time-released to help you make it through the whole week. And instead of having a Case of the Mondays, you can have a Metal Monday, thanks to me!

You can check out my musician Facebook here: Jason Stallworth – Facebook


Jason Stallworth Metal Musician Facebook

Facebook Metal Fans

I want to take a moment to thank all of you who follow me on Facebook. If you’re not, you can click the link above to like my metal musician page. I’m very active on there, and of course I’ll be posting more metal music videos as well as my future album updates.

I’m very surprised (and happy) to see I have many metal music fans in Thailand! The beautiful thing about social media is you get to meet people from all over the globe. And I have special interests in Thailand and the Thai culture (hoping to call myself fluent in Thai language soon!).

I also appreciate you who are from other countries, and of course all who are right here with me in the United States. My goal is to spread my music and our love for metal music all throughout the world. So again, thank you!

Facebook vs YouTube for Metal Music Videos

Many of you may know me from my YouTube channel. But intent isn’t to replace YouTube with Facebook. I’m going to remain active on YouTube but I will probably be posting metal music videos on Facebook more frequently.

My YouTube channel is mainly for things like guitar tutorials, music gear demos, studio recording tips, and the beer reviews I throw in here and there. This caters a little more to metal guitar players and musicians. But even if you don’t play guitar, you can still watch and I’m sure you’ll get some entertainment out of it.

Upcoming Projects and Albums

I’ve been spreading the word about a single I’m releasing. It’s a Christmas metal tune that I wrote a few years ago. I’ve re-recorded the song and made a few changes. I hope to have this released by November 1st!

I’m also debating on whether to release another metal instrumental album that I have already recorded, for the most part (about 80% complete). If I decide to release this, it will more than likely be towards the end of this year. It’s more aggressive and heavier than what I’ve released thus far. I jut don’t want to rush it for the sake of having another album release.

Lastly, I’m working in a huge project and album for 2017. I don’t want to talk too much about that because there’s some copyrighting I have to do first. This will represent much of my life’s work. I’ll keep you guys in the loop. So stay tuned for more!

Keep it Metal,


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