Metal Music Updates, Ed’s Trip and Morning Riffage

I wanted to give you all a quick update on what’s going on musically. I’ll be covering a few topics as I have a full plate, it seems! So here we go…

Promoting Heavy Metal Workout

I’m still learning about today’s marketing techniques and promoting products. So I’m busy promoting my latest album, Heavy Metal Workout. This is quite a challenge when you’re an independent artist. I have no record label or marketing manager, or anything like that. It’s just me! So I really have to be creative.

That being said, I’ve started a new site called It made sense to give Heavy Metal Workout it’s own platform, especially since I plan to put more ‘workout music’ albums out. In fact, I wrote the rhythm tracks for the first song for the next album for this subgenre.

This site will have workouts, workout videos, and possibly a full Heavy Metal Workout program eBook. And of course I’ll be promoting my metal workout music albums as they come out. So stay tuned for more on that.

** I’m also working on another new album that’s not related to my metal workout music series. more to come on that too.

Nightwish, Sonata, Delain and Eddie’s Visit

I blogged about the Nightwish concert last week and I have to say again, that was one amazing show. All three bands, Nightwish, Sonata, and Delain just nailed it and totally delivered.

It seems the bulk of the music I like is overseas. So when these bands come here, I try my best to see them. In fact, I just bought tickets for Amon Amarth, who will be playing in Tampa in April. And Primal Fear will be here in May, which I plan to go to as well.

It was awesome to see Eddie, one of my closest and life-long friends. We sort of cross-pollinated his business and my music site Jason’s Metal by guest starring in each other’s YouTube videos. He owns an online pipe store called The Pipe Nook. He drives down from Pensacola for big shows like this (Tom, hopefully you can make it down next time).

Jason and Eddie Show - Nightwish 2016 - The Pipe Nook

Morning Guitar Practice

I’ve been making a point to practice a little in the mornings. And my mornings are jam-packed. I’m usually getting home from the gym around 6:45am. We have dogs and cats which my wife and I kind of tag team getting them fed and taken care of. So in between that, cleaning up, eating and getting read for the day job, I really have to make the most of every second. So I make a point to sit down and go through some lead lines and riffs most every morning. I’ve learned that if something is important to you, you will simply make the time for it (this goes for people too).

I also practice in the evenings but I prefer to write new music at that time. I guess that counts as practice too. I really like to get some sort of guitar practice done in the morning’s though, even if it’s just 10 minutes of running through stuff. As I stated earlier, I ended up cranking out a full rhythm track for a new song this morning. I won’t complain about that!

Keep it Metal,


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