New Website and YouTube Channel for My Metal Workout Music Series


I remember this particular idea popped in my head over a year ago. Metal workout music. I immediately looked up the domain name on my iPhone to see if it was available. I figured if it’s not, no biggie. But I at least had to check, and check right away. Time can be of the essence with these types of things.

I pulled up my browser and went to my hosting site (I use and swear by Blue Host). I typed in ‘’ and there it was, patiently awaiting for me to own it. So I went through with the transaction with haste!

After I make these kinds of decision, I feel a little like Arnold Schwarzenegger felt when he first accepted the job as the new governor of California. Paraphrasing to fit the situation, I was like ‘Ok, I got the domain…what the f&%$ do I do now?’ That domain just sat there for a while, parked.

The Birth of the Concept Album

Now let’s back up a bit. Before buying this domain metal workout music, I had the idea to create an album that was specific to working out. I love metal music, I love playing, writing and recording metal music, and I also love weight training. I wasn’t sure of the format or details. It was just an idea. And I went back and forth repeatedly as to whether I should bother with such a concept (instrumental metal album vs instrumental metal workout album).

Well, you know the story. I ultimately started writing and recording Heavy Metal Workout last November (2015). I had made an executive decision that this was going to happen. I still didn’t know all the details but I knew I needed to write the tracks. So I was hitting the studio almost every night for several weeks. Lo and behold, Heavy Metal Workout was released in February of 2016.

Metal Workout Music Site

It was only last week when I decided to do something with the domain I bought over a year ago. Of course I promote all of my music on this site (my artist site), my Facebook and YouTube. But I felt like Heavy Metal Workout was in a genre of it’s own. Or perhaps two sub-genres. It’s an instrumental metal album and it’s also workout music.

Doing something with the site is something else I went back and forth on. Let me tell you, at this point in my life, I have a lot on my plate (if only it were more Thai food on my plate! …funny thing is, I just finished a huge plate of red curry with chicken and rice I made!).

Some of you know I own And of course I also run this site,, and a couple other projects. With that, there’s all the social media updates, videos in which I do the creation and production from start to finish, and of course the content writing. And I have a corporate job to add to that, which I hope to leave in the near future when all of this other stuff I’m doing takes off!! Man, I need an assistant!

Anyway, I decided to launch the site I also created it’s own Facebook and YouTube (I’ll probably continue using the one Twitter account I have for my music…too many social media profiles to deal with!). I only have a few pages and I haven’t even started blogging for this site, but that’s coming soon.

Oh, and there’s one video up! It’s a chest workout video with one of my tracks from the Heavy Metal Workout album playing. You can check that out here: Metal Workout Music YouTube Channel (Please make sure you subscribe to this channel. No really…do it! ).

More Metal Workout Music Albums?

I’ll keep this section short, as this is getting a bit lengthy. But yes, there are more albums to come for this genre of metal workout music. In fact, I just started writing the first track for a new album. The one thing I can tell you is that this new album will be more extreme! More details to come on that!

I know I seem overly fascinated with my metal workout music gig but don’t worry, I am also working on instrumental metal music not related to working out. I’m hoping to have a release later this year.

Well, I’ll wrap this up for now. Stay tuned and as always, thank you for your support! You are indeed appreciated!

Keep it Metal,


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