Testament Concert at the Ritz in Ybor 4/12/2017

I want to share my experience at the Ritz in Ybor City last night seeing Testament play live! I’ll also have some coverage of the opening acts.

First of all, this was a phenomenal performance by all bands that played. Just a big crowd of meal heads listening to classic thrash metal. On a side note, The Ritz in Ybor is one of my favorite venues for metal shows.

Alright, on to the thrash metal bands!

Testament – Live Thrash Metal

Testament The Ritz Ybor City Tampa

I’ll start with the main act, Testament. I remember the first time I heard Practice What You Preach. I was blown away by the track, and the whole album. So Testament was my main reason for coming to the show.

They were loud, fast, and extremely tight. The band has awesome chemistry and you could tell that they were having fun on stage. These guys are indeed professionals.

Testament opened up with the first track off their latest album, Brotherhood of the Snake. I had listened to the entire album that morning during my leg workout. It’s actually one of my favorite Testament album. They had a good mix of their newer and classic songs.

Testament Setlist – The Ritz in Ybor City – 04/12/2017

    1. Brotherhood of the Snake
    2. Rise Up
    3. The Pale King
    4. Centuries of Suffering
    5. Electric Crown
    6. Into the Pit
    7. Low
    8. Throne of Thorns
    9. Stronghold
    10. Eyes of Wrath
    11. First Strike is Deadly
    12. Urotsukidôji
    13. Souls of Black
    14. Seven Seals
    15. The New Order
    16. Practice What You Preach
    17. Over the Wall

Alex Skolnick - Testament Live at The Ritz

I’m a pretty big fan of Alex Skolnick, but I loved seeing both guitar players play solos. It brings more dynamics to the songs.

Back to Skolnick, one of my goals when I started playing guitar was to learn from his playing. He has a very unique style and signature to his playing. And he was doing nothing short than ripping it up on stage.

Sepultura – Brazilian Death Metal

Sepultura at The Ritz Ybor City with Testament

These guys impressed the crap out of me! Sepultura had a this extreme level of energy on stage. Their lead vocalist is a massive, muscular dude and very captivating. The drummer was all over the place and just doing things I’ve never heard.

It was pretty awesome because you could feel that Latin vibe in their music. The way they all move, the beats, and rhythms.

As much as I’ve been into various sub-genres of heavy metal music, I never listened to Sepultura that much. It was good to get a live taste.

Prong – Opening for Testament

Prong opening for Testament at The Ritz in Ybor Tampa

Prong is another band that’s been around for a while that I never listened too much. But I did recognize a couple of songs.

Despite being a 3 piece band, they sounded full. Very cool stage presence and they did a good job of getting the crowd pumped up. This can be a challenge when you’re one of the opening acts as the crowd usually isn’t at full capacity. I have a lot of respect for these guys.

Convalescence – First Metal Act

Convalescence Testament Ybor City The Ritz Tampa

I was buying my Testament t-shirt up front when this band started up. I got out there in time to hear the last 2-3 songs. They were solid and very much into theatrics. They had face paint on and I can only imagine that if they were the main act, their show would have some cool props.

Convalescence is from Toledo, OH, which is where a close friend of mine is from. So I of course sent him a text a pic of the band right away.

Classic Thrash Metal

Classic thrash metal is where it all started with me. And Testament’s Practice What You Preach album that was released in 1989 is very dear to me, to this day. I followed them for the next couple of albums but went through a period where I didn’t keep up with them much. That all changed when they released this latest album, Brotherhood of the Snake.  I’ve also been listening to some of their recent releases since.

I had a blast at this show and would definitely see Testament again if they were to come back into town. Oh, and I posted some live footage on Facebook, so check that out if you missed it.

Keep it Metal,


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