The Making of ‘Christmas Presence’

I’ll start by saying I absolutely love the Christmas season! And I enjoy the fall months leading up to it just as much. That being said, I’m happy to announce that the song ‘Christmas Presence’ is my first single track that I’ve professionally released.

I’d like to share the making of Christmas Presence and talk about the initial creation of this song.






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The Birth of a Christmas Metal Song

It was sometime in the year 2012. I had this desire to write a Christmas rock or metal instrumental track. So I spent some time in my studio and started laying down tracks. I didn’t have any aspirations for the song at this point.

Naturally, I had the Carol of the Bells theme in my head and started messing around with those notes. Within just a few recording sessions, I had come up with somewhat of a rock-metal rendition. There were parts of the song that were a clear revision of the main melody in Carol of the Bells. However, most of the song was original and sounded nothing like any Christmas carols. The idea was for the song to be immediately recognized as a Christmas track, but I didn’t want to do a note-for-note cover. I wanted it to consist mostly of my own compositions.

This original version was played live in church about a year or so later. I had also posted a YouTube video with this track shortly after recording it.

Evolution of ‘Christmas Presence’

I sat on this song for several years, doing nothing further with it. Earlier this year, it dawned on me that I should release it. I figured since I already had two full albums under my belt, why not release a single track?

I listened to my initial recorded version of Christmas Presence and wasn’t 100% satisfied. I wanted the song to be more original. So I decided to go back in the studio and record everything from scratch.

The main change in the song was the structure of the rendition piece. My goal was a bit complex here. I wanted the song to be more original sounding yet it still needed to have some sort of Christmas or holiday vibe to it. So I took the part that sounded like the carol rendition and made some changes to the timing and notes. It was just enough to give it a hint of Christmas.

Jason Stallworth The Making of Christmas Presence

I’m Diversity Within the Song

I’m known for writing and releasing metal music. It’s my love and my passion. And whereas Christmas Presence indeed has some heavy and driving parts, there’s some nice breaks that make it diverse.

I started out with this ambient tone that’s almost eerie. This carries a little of a carol melody and builds up before the song kicks in. There’s another ambient breakdown in the middle of the song which also has a few drops of acoustic.

I wanted Christmas Presence to induce a variety of feelings and emotions. Christmastime is quite exhilarating so I obviously wanted to capture that mood. But I didn’t want it to one-sided. I wanted to tell a story with this song, taking you down different roads that ultimate lead to the same destination. It was meant to be a journey.

Amps, Guitars, Tones

I’ll get into more specifics on this on my other site for guitar players and musicians (Jason’s Metal). But I’ll briefly cover some here.

I ended up using three different units for my guitar tracks. I recorded the rhythms and melodic leads by miking my Fender Mustang IV amp. I used Positive Grid for my guitar solos. And finally, I used my old POD HD500 for the clean/ambient parts.

I just used a compressor and EQ in my studio for the acoustic guitar, and an amp simulator for my bass tone. I’m still using drum programs these days but hope to partner with a drummer in the near future.

The recorded process was smooth. The song came together so naturally and effortlessly. I did spent a decent amount of time on the guitar solos, but that’s expected.

I hope you enjoy Christmas Presence!

* For guitar players and musicians, I have a more in depth post and video on my Jason’s Metal site talking about the gutiar tones and recording process. Jason’s Metal – Christmas Presence.

Keep it Metal,




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