The Most Dreadful Task for Musicians: Creating a Schedule

I’ve been fighting this for practically my entire life. And I’ve implemented this at times only to quickly fall off track. It’s the most dreadful task for musicians and us creative types. Creating a schedule. Ugh!

The Busy Musician & Artist

Like many independent musicians and recording artists, I work a normal day-job. In fact, I have a corporate job (by no means am I boasting about that). I also run a small internet marketing business related to health and fitness, and I have my home life with my wife, my daughter who just moved in with us, and our fur babies. Of course there’s also a lot of time dedicated to writing and recording new music. I’ll admit that I sometimes get overwhelmed.

I don’t say this to complain. I’m happy being busy and believe it or not, I have plenty of down time. On that note, I’ve found it necessary to create a schedule for myself, specifically for my music projects. In my experience, without a schedule, you’re open to chaos and you end up being a busy-body doing all sorts of unfocused tasks. Thus, the task you aspire to complete never gets completed. I’ve learned that you can be very busy yet not accomplish anything.

Setting Goals and Deadlines for New Album

If you don’t have goals or deadlines, it’s easy to just float through life without really doing anything. I’m guilty of this. I’ve had so many great ideas (or what I perceived to be great ideas), but I would do nothing with them. Had I written out a plan with specific goals and deadlines, I may had achieved some great things. Who knows?

So I sat down this morning after the gym, pulled up my Apple calendar, and got started creating my schedule. I’ll share my muscle schedule for the rest of November for the next album I plan to release early 2017:

  • Mondays – 7:00PM to 8:00PM
    • Work on drum tracks
  • Tuesdays – 7:00PM to 8:00PM
    • Work on recording guitar tracks
  • Wednesdays – 7:00PM to 8:00PM
    • Work on drum tracks
  • Sundays – 9:00AM – 11:00AM
    • Work on guitar tracks and overall production


Heavy Metal Workout II is practically recorded. Most of the rhythm guitar tracks are done, all bass tracks are completed, and I have a good portion of the guitar solos down. The major work is the drums, so I’ll be spending more time on that in hopes of finishing those this month. All of these tasks are in my Apple calendar and I have alerts for each task set for 30 minutes prior to the start time.

Although this was a pain to do, it only took me about 10 minutes. That’s nothing. And I now feel a huge sense of relief. I don’t have to ask myself ‘What am I going to work on in the studio today?‘ It’s already scheduled for me.

Upcoming Releases

I’ll conclude by giving you some music updates. As you know this Friday, 11/11/2016 is the release of my very first single of a Christmas metal instrumental track. Christmas Presence is a song I wrote several years ago and it’s been played live. I revisited this song and decided to re-record it with some changes and release it to the world.

As I stated above, I’m finishing up the tracks for Heavy Metal Workout II: Extreme. I plan to release this early 2017. It’s a follow up to Heavy Metal Workout, which I released earlier this year.

I will be doing more marketing for Heavy Metal Workout (which will require me to write up another schedule!).  My plan is to have apparel and some other related products. I would like to make this a brand.

Stay tuned for more updates. I appreciate all of you who have been supporting me and my music!

Keep it Metal,




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