Weightlifting Puns-Based Song Names: 13 Tracks of Heavy Metal Workout II

I’ve gotten many comments on the song names for my Heavy Metal Workout II album. So I figured I would give you a rundown of the names of each of the 13 tracks.

As you may have guessed, these are all weightlifting puns. It makes sense, being that it’s heavy metal album catering to the genre of metal workout music. I just hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it!

Heavy Metal Workout II

13 Weightlifting Pun-Based Song Names

Death Lift

This is the first track on Heavy Metal Workout II, and it’s the core of what this album stands for. You’ve probably already figured out the blatant weightlifting pun behind Death Lift. Yes…Dead Lift.

Deadlifts are a compound exercise that adds slabs of muscle mass and increases your overall strength. To me, deadlifts are the king of all exercises (tying with squats). The song Death Lift is powerful like the exercise, and it’s also a death metal style song. The name Death Lift clearly fits.

Death Lift is actually my favorite song on the album. It combines multiple style of metal music together into one song: death metal, melodic metal, and there’s a hint of classic metal in there with dueling lead guitars. It’s a mover and shaker, and will trigger focus and motivation in the gym.


Anabolica is the first song I wrote for Heavy Metal Workout II. Yes, I know the ‘a’ after songs and band names are quite overused and we’ve all borrowed that concept from Metallica. But hey, Metallica is the reason I picked up the guitar i the first place (this was eons ago…1990).

There’s no real meaning behind why this song is called Anabolica. It’s just a cool name I came up with, and somewhat original in it’s own context. And we all know that anabolic equates to muscle! It’s all about GAINS!!! So listen to Anabolica to increase your bench press.

One More Round

One More Round was one of the latter songs I wrote for the album. It has more of classic metal feel with a hint of melodic death metal riffage.

Although my primary form of working out is weightlifting, I wanted to also branch out some and throw in some fighting related titles in (this will hopefully satisfy by MMA, martial arts and boxing friends). I’m no expert, but I started doing some martial arts training on my own earlier this year and really enjoy it. And it’s a killer workout.

No Pain

No Pain is a song to help you break past the pain of that grueling set. When you think you can’t do anymore, you pump out two more reps! And being a Rocky fan, I was recalling the training scene in Rocky IV where Duke is telling Rocky ‘No Pain!

This is one of the faster metal songs on Heavy Metal Workout II. The rhythm guitar parts in what I consider the verses are pretty extreme (for you guitar players, it’s some speed-of-light alternate picking while palm muting the riffs).

F’n Brutal

Ok, so I curse from time to time when I feel it’s appropriate but typically won’t label something that’s going to be out there forever with a curse word, especially an F-Bomb! The name says it all, in regards to defining the song. The riffs are heavy, fast, and f’n brutal!

F’n Brutal is the third or fourth track I named for this album. And that term is related to those extreme workouts when you barely walk out of the gym after doing multiple sets of heavy squats and high-rep leg presses.

Beast Mode

Beast Mode is the mindset that you have to get yourself in before your workouts. And the metal guitar riffs in this song do just that; they put your in that state of mind so you’re ready to take on the world.

This track also had some killer guitar solos. And there’s a slight breakdown at about 1:38 where it goes from fast to super heavy.

Last Rep

Last Rep is another term you’ll hear thrown around in the gym. In fact you’ve probably heard many weightlifters and bodybuilders say that last rep is what counts. Thats when the muscle works the hardest.

This song has a lot of chunky riffs and I envision lifting heavy weights with low reps for power during Last Rep. It also have a very melodic feel to it that keeps you motivated and inspired.

Go Heavy or Go Home

I’ve seen this slogan on several t-shirts and advertisements for bodybuilding supplements and other related products. It’s one of the many hardcore gym sayings.

Go Heavy or Go Home starts out in your face with fast guitar riffs and double bass drumming. There’s also song cool guitar solos in this track.

Lean Machine

The puns keep coming! Lean Machine is another widely used term you’ll hear in the gym. Now, don’t mistake lean for skinny! And seriously, never tell a guy he’s looking skinny, or he’ll go slam down two protein shakes with a triple dose of ‘get big‘ supplements!

This track sort of has that lean feel to it, if that makes sense. That’s what hit me when I was writing the song. It was fast, tight, and sort of separate from the other tracks in its own strange way.

*Special note: Lean Machine almost got cut (no pun intended) from Heavy Metal Workout II. I didn’t like a few parts in the song and almost trashed the whole thing. However, I ended up changing those parts last-minute and here it is, track nine.

Attack of Quadzilla

Probably the biggest pun on the whole album. Attack of Quadzilla! Similar terms have been used, such as the famous Godzilla and the extremely to be feared Bridezilla!

Two friends came to time when writing Attack of Quadzilla. Big Jarrod Gelling (co-founder and former co-owner of Southern Muscle, a reputable bodybuilding supplement store in Brandon, FL). The second is Big Ben Asmann, owner of New Standard Sports Nutrition in Coral Springs, FL. Both dudes have some huge quads.

*Special Note: Attack of Quadzilla was a pre-order song you could download of iTunes and Amazon two weeks before the whole album was released.

I Must Break You

Here’s another line from the Rocky IV movie. I told you I’m a Rocky fan! I Must Break You is the line from Ivan Drago when he’s getting ready to fight Rocky. That was a pretty intense moment.

This track is heavy and driving, and there’s some chunky guitar parts. It’s a song with a lot of power behind it.

Start Something

I got this phrase from some supplement advertisement many years ago. I can’t remember what it was for, but if I had to guess it was from the Animal line of supplements from Universal Nutrition. They have some cool advertisements.

Start Something definitely fits the melodic death metal genre. There’s also some cool solo guitar parts, both dueling and fast leads. The track keeps you moving.

Back Off

This is the 13th and final track of Heavy Metal Workout II. It’s got a chunky feel to it but also carries some of those fast alternate-picked rhythms you here is speed metal and death metal.

Back Off is for all of us who are trying to workout and someone’s trying to talk to us! Seriously dude, back off!

The wraps it for my explanation of my weightlifting puns-based song names. If you haven’t check out Heavy Metal Workout II, the links to buy and listen on all the main sources are below (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.). Throw this album on your workout playlist!

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