Metal Riffs and Licks

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More Guitarist Resources

Below are some additional resources to help you through your journey as a guitarist and musician!

For Beginners: If you're just learning how to play metal guitar or if you're just coming back to it after taking time off and need to revisit the basics, watch this YouTube lesson: 3 Basics of Playing Metal Guitar

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How to Use Amp Sims/Plugins: One of the most frustrating things about being a modern-day guitarist is technology! So I've put together a complete tutorial taking you step-by-step through the process of using virtual amp sims and plugins for your guitar here: How to Install and Use Virtual Amps and Plugins

Guitar Lesson Playlists: Here are my top lesson videos for rhythm, lead, and 7 string guitar:

Motivation for Guitarists Playlists: There's one more playlist I'd like to share with you and that's my motivational series. These short videos have helped many not only in their music abilities, but in other areas of life. I also share my own mistakes and shortcomings to that you can learn from me: Motivation for Guitarists Playlist

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