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Here's What You Can Expect

You already know that Metal Riff Master is going to make you a better metal guitarist, helping you get out of that rut and even help you expand your creativity in writing your own riffs.

Now I want to show you exactly what you'll get when you start Metal Riff Master...

80+ Riff Lessons

  • You'll learn 80 new metal riffs that are split up into hyper-focused modules helping you master specific methods
  • You'll also learn advanced techniques to help you play and write more creative riffs

160 Backing Tracks

  • Each lesson will include a downloadable backing track with the full mix, over 1-minute long
  • There's an additional backing track with the just the bass and drums

Professional Music Notation and Guitar Tabs

  • Complete professional guitar tablature for each lesson that you can download
  • Guitar Pro file also included (this is a common music notation and tablature software)

2 Free Bonuses Courses

  • Song writing module showing you how to compile riffs to make them into a song
  • Gear talk and tips showing you exactly what you need (this will save you money!)

More Benefits

  • You'll get immediate access
  • You can go at your own pace and go through the course at anytime as it's online
  • One-time cost (there are no subscription fees)
  • You can can also access your course via app

About Your Instructor

Jason Stallworth has been helping guitar players on YouTube since 2010 and his simple approach is respected by thousands.
Jason is also an independent recording artist, published author, and entrepreneur. 

Always remember that no one else can do what you can do, exactly the way you do it. You have a unique and authentic talent within you, and that's what you should focus on rather than comparing yourself to others.

Metal Riff Master testimonial - Thorsten

Jason's Metal Riff Master course takes you step-by-step through various metal genres with structure and teaching success.
Along the way, useful tips on riff and songwriting are given, all in a sympathetic manner. 
The course has already brought me to a higher level today.


Metal Riff Master testimonial - Ivan

What can I say?  Metal Mastermind is a must have for any guitarist, whether beginner or intermediate.  I have only been playing for a year and it has taken my guitar playing to another level.  For the price you really can't beat it.  For those who need help and love metal give it a try.  You won't be sorry! METAL FOREVER!!!!


Metal Riff Master testimonial - Woody

Jason  gives you great examples of riffs to use to create your own masterpieces. Slowly showing the riffs with him playing  and also available tabs and backing tracks to follow. Even beginners and intermediate players can follow and learn. I have only been using it for a short time and it is an important part of my learning of metal playing.


Metal Riff Master testimonial - Mean Gene HARTWIG

I really wanted to flex my rhythm chops and you helped out a lot with that and with song ideas thank you so much I love the course.


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