Nightwish, Sonata, Delain 2016 – Ybor Tampa

By Jason Stallworth

March 28, 2016

I’m extremely excited to write up this recap of the Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, and Delain 2016 Tampa show from last week!

They played at The Ritz here in Ybor City, Tampa, FL. And what an amazing concert this was! One of my closest friends Eddie Gray drove down from Pensacola for this.

I wanted to give a breakdown of each band that played. I’ll start from the opening acts to the headline, so it will be in the order of:

  • Delain
  • Sonata
  • Nightwish

I don’t recall the entire setlist from each band but I will highlight some of the songs that are my favorites that were played.

Delain – Opening Band – 2016 Tampa

Nightwish - 2016 Tampa Ybor City - The Ritz

This is an extremely talented band. They have awesome chemistry with one another on stage and are very tight. We would have come just to see them.

I noticed a new guitar player on stage with them (at least I believe she’s new as I don’t recall seeing her last year when we saw Delain in Orlando) – Merel Bechtold.

From the research I’ve done, it seems Delain has recently adopted Merel into their band as a full-time member. What an awesome experience that must be, and she is one amazing metal guitarist!

I’ve included the songs that Delain played that I remember. Marco Hietala from Nightwish came on stage to sing his parts in Sing to Me and the crowd went wild. Very cool moment, this was!

I do wish they had played Stardust. That’s one of my personal favorites from Delain (from their album The Human Contradiction).

  • Army of Dolls
  • Sing to Me
  • Turn the Lights Out
  • We Are the Others

You can check out and LIKE Delain on Facebook.

Sonata Arctica – 2nd Band – 2016 Tampa

Sonata Arctica 2016 - The Ritz, Ybor City - Tampa

I’ve been listening to Sonata for 13 years or more. I remember when I first discovered them. I had never heard anything like this before and it was that breath of fresh air in melodic metal music I had been longing for.

Tony Kakko is indeed an awesome frontman for the band. They delivered and brought plenty of energy to the stage. Eddie, our friend Tom, and I saw them in 2006 in Ybor City (not certain if it was The Ritz back then). I know they’ve had a couple of lineup changes since but they still sound just as awesome.

Sonata played a lot of their older stuff, which I’m grateful for. Some of my top Sonata songs they played are below. This was an excellent set.

  • My Land
  • Full Moon
  • I Have a Right – This has become my all-time favorite Sonata song over the years!
  • Don’t Say a Word

Nightwish – Headliner – 2016 Tampa

Delain - 2016 Tampa Ybor City - The Ritz

When Nightwish came on stage it was like the world stopped for a few seconds. They started out with Shudder Before the Beautiful and followed that up with Yours is an Empty Hope.

Both of those songs are off their latest album ‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful.’ I have to say this has become one of my favorite Nightwish albums (it’s a draw between this album and ‘Once’).

Nightwish is one of the most ‘together’ bands I’ve ever seen. They’re super tight and although there are many complicated sections in their songs, they go through them effortlessly and flawlessly.

I mentioned Shudder Before the Beautiful and Yours is an Empty Hope. I want to list a few more songs that stood out to me.

Like I said above, I don’t recall the entire Nightwish set (and thankfully it was a pretty long set) but here are a few songs they played:

  • Shudder Before the Beautiful
  • Yours is an Empty Hope
  • Storytime
  • Weak Fantasy
  • Alpenglow
  • Wishmaster
  • I Want My Tears Back
  • Ghost Love Score – Indeed a fan-favorite…when they started this, everyone went nuts, in an emotional way!

The Greatest Show on Earth

You can LIKE Nightwish on Facebook here

Video Nightwish Recap

Oh, and you may have seen this already but in case you haven’t (or if you wanna see it again which I’m certain that you do!), here’s Eddie and I’s video recap of the Nightwish / Sonata / Delain concert.

Eddie and I chat about our highlights of the concert and cover a few other things as well. Here’s Ed and I’s video below…

On a side note, Eddie recently opened his online pipe store called The Pipe Nook. I actually smoked a little with him trying out one of the standard cob pipes (and thanks for the gift dude).

If you’re a pipe smoker, definitely check out his site here:

Tampa was Nightwish’s last show for their 2016 U.S. tour. I believe Sonata and Delain still have a few more shows left in the U.S. Eddie and I actually saw Nightwish with Sabaton and Delain last year at the Hard Rock in Orlando. If I’m not mistaken, it was also Easter weekend.

Well, that’s a wrap for my Nightwish 2016 concert recap. All three bands, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, and Delain, gave us a phenomenal show.

I’ll be the first in line for tickets when they come back, which is hopefully within the year.

Keep it Metal,


Jason Stallworth

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