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Masterpeace combines melodic death metal, power metal, and thrash metal styles to give you the pure metal experience.

Lyrically, the album takes you deep into this place where everything that is wrong in the world – the things you despise, the corruption, the unfairness, is all conquered by the power we hold within (…where the Dragon’s Flame consumes all that’s wrong – lyric line from the first track ‘Dragon’s Flame’).

Musically, there are heavy captivating metal guitar riffs that will punch you in the soul with melodic-shredding solos. And you’ll hear an interesting mix of death metal vocals with classic thrash-style vocals.

  • Full-color artwork and lyrics
  • 9 awesome metal tracks with a powerful impact (not 15+mediocre tracks!)
  • CD comes in the Jewel case you expect from a metal album
  • Musically and lyrically powerful, conjuring every emotion

*For signed copies, I will sign the first insert.

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