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Masterpeace combines the roots of heavy metal with melodic death and power metal

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This is where it all began...I bring you through the captivating journey of how and why I got into playing guitar, listening to heavy metal, and lifting weights all around the same time. 

I also take you behind the scenes of the recording process for my Heavy Metal Workout album series. Oh, and you'll also get workout programs in this book. 

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Music Reviews from Fans

"The tone of Jason Stallworth’s second album, Heavy Metal Workout, is exactly what you’d be expecting to listen to if you were to you know, work out to heavy metal."

- Logan Ellis, TheMetalReview.com

"I love this album. I wish metal/rock like this was still around. I cant wait till Jason releases more :)"

- Tony, Amazon customer

"This album came out of nowhere and just dropped my jaw."

- Ed, Amazon customer

"Great metal guitar player!"

- Craig, Facebook Fan

"He is awesome at what he does; his YouTube videos are awesome!"

- Chris, YouTube fan

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