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Complete Guide to Recording Death Metal Vocals (Hardware and Software)

Complete Guide to Recording Death Metal Vocals

In this post, you’re going to get absolutely everything you need to record death metal vocals! We’ll go over both hardware and software. And you’ll also get recommendations on the specific products you can use to enhance your growls and screams. Here are the contents below if you want to skip around: Hardware for Recording […]


Masterpeace: Melodic Power Metal with Hints of Thrash and Death Metal

Masterpeace album Jason Stallworth

“A metal album that doesn’t sound like every other metal album.” – says SEVERAL fans! Masterpeace takes you to another world with heavy 7 string riffs, with Cameron Fleury’s double bass madness, and an array of metal vocal styles. ​​ Lyrically, every song tells an insightful story. One that will captivate you and make you really think about the […]

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