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Welcome to my 'About Jason Stallworth' page where you can contact me (there's a form below) and learn about my music.

My ultimate mission is to take over the wo...oops, wrong mission! 

The mission is really all about YOU - I wanna give you quality Metal Music! 🤘

Jason Stallworth ESP E-II Horizon FR-7 guitar

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What You Can Expect From Me

The subgenres of metal you can expect from me is:

  • Melodic Death Metal
  • Thrash Metal
  • Instrumental Metal

Melodic death metal with a side of thrash!

To better understand what my music sounds like, I'll share some of my initial influences as well as what I'm influenced by today. 

Musical Influences

My first musical influences were thrash metal bands like MetallicaMegadeth, and Testament. Bands like Scorpions and Queensryche were definitely in my cassette collection as well.

As with most guitarists, I was heavily influenced by Joe Satriani. I'll never forget being swept away by Flying in a Blue Dream. 

Jason Stallworth Ybor railroad tracks

Back in those days, I was also into my fair share of hair metal bands. This was kind of anti-metal, but you've gotta admit that these bands had some killer guitarists! Don't throw stuff at me!

Fast forward to today, I’ve become intrigued by more melodic death metal bands like Amon AmarthArch Enemy, and Exmortus

Another huge influence in my music are bands like NightwishDelain, and Amaranthe. This is more of a symphonic metal bands with awesome hooks and melodies, which I love! In fact, Nightwish has become one of my all-time favorite bands.

You’ll hear hints of these types of bands and artists in my music. So that's what you can expect from me musically. 

Something else you may find interesting if that I’m passionate weightlifting. And from time to time, I will share workout tips that will help you (you may already be aware of my Heavy Metal Workout album series!).

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How I Got Into Metal and Playing Guitar

I’ll never forget this moment – 15 years old sitting on the bus (we called the bus ‘the cheese wagon’ back then!), and I heard this thrashing sound coming from this dude’s headphones.

This dude had long hair and wore a jean jacket covered in heavy metal patches of bands like Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Exodus, Anthrax, etc. This dude was immediately my hero!

Everyone else thought he was a freakin’ weirdo, but he didn’t care. He was in his own world, playing air drums to his metal tunes.

jason stallworth in the studio

With much intrigue and a slight nervousness, I asked him:

‘Hey man, what are you listening to?‘

Sensing my extreme and genuine interest, he smiled and said:


I went to a record store that weekend with the money I had from mowing lawns and bought Metallica’s Master of Puppets and And Justice for All cassettes.

So Let It Be Written

That was my intro to metal music, and I never looked back!

From that moment, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to play guitar. But I didn’t wanna just play guitar, I wanted to play METAL!

I also had another great musical influence in my life back then that I must mention. Ronnie Goodman, a phenomenal jazz/blues musician and songwriter. Even though it wasn’t metal, his style of playing guitar was captivating, like no other.

I started mixing the guitar techniques I learned from him with what I knew from playing metal and eventually developed my own style.

Ronnie was part of the church I grew up in. He was a great friend and mentor (rest in peace, my friend).

Now, I know what you may be thinking…’metal, and church, WTH?‘ (ok, here’s the pun….Metal Church! lol! …I love their song Badlands, btw!).

Actually playing in church for those years helped me expand my skills as a musician because I was forced to play songs in a variety of keys. And of course I’d often ‘accidentally‘ click my distortion pedal in the middle of a song!

Heads would roll at the sound of those crunchy power chords!

The journey had begun, entering the dark yet fascinating and often misunderstood realm of metal music. I continued learning songs from my favorite heavy metal bands while also writing my own music.

My Music Tastes have Gotten Heavier

My musical tastes have gotten heavier over the years, as I mentioned above.

Whereas I still love the classic thrash metal bands (see the band names I mentioned earlier on the jean jacket patches), these days I also listen to heavier bands like Amon Amarth and Arch Enemy, as well as metal bands like Nightwish and Delain.

You’ll hear all of those influences in my music. So you’re getting a nice mixture of melodic death metal and thrash metal all in one!

I hope you enjoyed my story of how I got into metal! And it’s so awesome that we share this passion for metal music together!

We are a indeed special breed! 

Keep it Metal,


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