Jason Stallworth Overcometh album cover

Melodic Heavy Metal

Killer riffs, solos with melodies, and purpose-driven. 

*Making of the album coming soon!


Released: December 1st, 2023

Masterpeace album Jason Stallworth

Melodic Death Metal with hints of Thrash Metal.

Array of vocal styles, powerful lyrics, and riffs that speak to the inner soul! 

*Read about the making of this album HERE.


Released: September 13th, 2019

heavy metal workout II instrumental melodic death metal workout music

Instrumental metal workout music

Fast, aggressive guitars riffs, melodic solos, and plenty of double bass!

*Read about the making of this album HERE.

Heavy Metal Workout II

Released: August 4, 2017

Christmas Presence single - instrumental metal Christmas music

Christmas instrumental metal/rock song

Melodic metal-style track with hints of Christmas carols that will 'metalize' your Christmas spirit!

*Read more about this single HERE.

Christmas Presence (Single)

Released: November 11, 2016

Heavy Metal Workout Instrumental Metal Workout Music Album

The world's FIRST true, authentic instrumental metal workout album

Classic thrash metal guitar riffs and solos with motivating progressions. 

*Read about the making of Heavy Metal Workout HERE.

Heavy Metal Workout

Released: February 19, 2016

Classic heavy metal instrumental album

Melodic progressions with soul-punching guitar riff and soaring solos. 

*Read about the making of Apocalyptic Dreams HERE.

Apocalyptic Dreams

Released: December 18, 2013

Motivation for Metalheads and Guitarists

Heavy Metal & Weights

Heavy Metal & Weights is a book I wrote in conjunction to my Heavy Metal Workout album series (I and II).

I bring you through an intriguing journey of how and why I got into playing guitar, listening to heavy metal, and lifting weights all around the same time. 

I also take you behind the scenes of the recording process for my Heavy Metal Workout album series. And I give you two workout programs in the book that you can start. 

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