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A passionate shredder, riff writer, and metal vocalist, Jason specializes in the below subgenres of metal music:

  • Power metal
  • Melodic death metal
  • Thrash metal
  • Instrumental metal

Jason is an independent musician who handles his music from end-to-end, from writing and recording original material, to managing his own marketing and promotion strategies. 

In addition to writing and releasing albums, Jason has an engaging YouTube following in which he provides metal guitar, recording, and music gear tutorials.  He is also a published author, and consistently gives his fans content through his blog (more info and links are provided below). 

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You can contact Jason Stallworth directly below. Here are the services he can provide for you:

  • Featured guitarist for your song/album
  • Featured vocalist for your song/album
  • Guest appearances
  • Interviews
  • Guitar workshops
  • Guest writer/blogger
  • Music collaborations
  • YouTube collaborations

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**Latest album 'Masterpeace' was released on September 13th, 2019

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"'Crowned by the fear you breed' and the Mad Riffage love the change in harmony and vocals"

-  Shred Myster, YouTube fan

"Holy. F&$k!!! Dude that was so awesome! Your vocal range is amazing! Sounds Dave Mustaine-ish, and the death voice it just as awesome! Great work to you and your band members! Now, when/where/how can I buy the CD???"

- Charlie Kapp, customer and fan

"The tone of Jason Stallworth’s second album, Heavy Metal Workout, is exactly what you’d be expecting to listen to if you were to, you know, work out to heavy metal."

- Logan Ellis, TheMetalReview.com

"I love this album. I wish metal/rock like this was still around. I can't wait till Jason releases more :)"

- Tony, Amazon customer

"This album came out of nowhere and just dropped my jaw."

- Ed, Amazon customer

Professional Photos

Jason Stallworth metal guitarist
Jason Stallworth melodic death metal guitarist and vocalist
Jason Stallworth Ybor railroad tracks
Jason Stallworth metal musician

Published Author

Heavy Metal & Weights is a book I wrote in conjunction to my Heavy Metal Workout album series (I and II). I bring you through an intriguing journey of how and why I got into playing guitar, listening to heavy metal, and lifting weights all around the same time. 

I also take you behind the scenes of the recording process for my Heavy Metal Workout album series. And I give you two workout programs in the book that you can start. 

Engaging YouTuber

Jason's YouTube channel has over 400 instructional and educational videos that help other guitarists expand their skill set. His vision is to genuinely see others excel and become more proficient on the fretboard.

He also offers recording tutorials and music gear reviews. And of course there's loads of humor and entertainment embedded within every video. 

**The video featured below is one of Jason's current trending videos where he provides tips on transitioning from a 6 to 7 string guitar. 

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