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Melodic death metal with a side of thrash is what my music is all about. My goal is to deliver quality metal music you!


Delain Amorphis 2019 Concert Recap

By jason.m.stallworth@gmail.com / a few days ago

After seeing Delain twice (opening for Nightwish in prior shows), I was extremely excited to see them again. And this time they were co-headling with the band Amorphis. My close friend Eddie and I snagged our tickets early for the VIP seating at The Orpheum (being upstairs at this venue is definitely an awesome spot!). […]


Masterpeace: Melodic Power Metal with Hints of Thrash and Death Metal

By jason.m.stallworth@gmail.com / a couple of months ago

“A metal album that doesn’t sound like every other metal album.” – says SEVERAL fans! Masterpeace takes you to another world with heavy 7 string riffs, with Cameron Fleury’s double bass madness, and an array of metal vocal styles. ​​ Lyrically, every song tells an insightful story. One that will captivate you and make you really think about the […]


BIAS Amp vs BIAS FX, and How To Use Them Together

By jason.m.stallworth@gmail.com / 6 months ago

Welcome to my BIAS Amp vs. BIAS FX comparison! These are two guitar amp simulator plugins from Positive Grid. Like you, I was confused as crap between two at first! But I’m going explain the differences so that you can make a decision on which one’s best for you. You’ll hear my amp tones from both plugins, […]

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