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7 Tips on How to Become a Better Metal Guitar Player

By jason.m.stallworth@gmail.com / a couple of months ago

Are you a passionate metal guitarist but seem to be stuck at a certain point? Whether you’re an intermediate or advanced guitar player, it happens to all of us. In fact, I’ve gone through this several times throughout my music career. But the good news is I’ve found some things that will really help you […]


30 Days of Metal Riffs: Metal Rhythm Guitar Lessons

By jason.m.stallworth@gmail.com / 10 months ago

Are you ready to learn how to play some killer metal riffs on guitar? I welcome you to the ultimate metal guitar lessons I created for you: 30 Days of Metal Riffs! Here’s is what you will learn in this 30 day heavy metal guitar lesson series with guitar tabs in each video:How to play and combine different metal guitar […]


How to Play Sweep Arpeggios: 3 Lessons for Beginners

By jason.m.stallworth@gmail.com / last year

Are you a beginner guitar player and want to learn how to play sweep arpeggios? Or maybe you’ve been playing guitar for a while but have yet to master this technique. Sweep arpeggios are noted (no pun intended!) to be one of the most challenging guitar techniques to learn. It’s completely opposite from how you normally […]