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Heavy Metal and Weights: My New Amazon Book Release

Heavy Metal and Weights book by Jason Stallworth

I’ve got some extremely exciting news! My very first book… ‘Heavy Metal and Weights: My Story of Guitar, Weights, Heavy Metal Workout Albums, Passion, and Building Muscle‘ was published on Amazon, on¬†December 1st, 2017. Heavy Metal and Weights is available via: Paper back on Amazon Amazon Kindle ORDER HEAVY METAL AND WEIGHTS NOW Why You […]


Instrumental Metal Music and Songs for Your Videos and Advertisements

One of the most difficult genres of music to find for videos and advertisements is quality instrumental metal music. There’s some awesome instrumental metal out there. But most of it doesn’t work well for promotions; it’s either too busy-sounding, or it lacks those emotionally captivating hooks.  That’s ok because I have some solutions for you. In fact, […]


Weightlifting Puns: Song Names from Heavy Metal Workout

ATTACHweightlifting puns heavy metal workout

These aren’t just gym puns…they’re heavy metal weightlifting puns!  These witticisms spawn from my instrumental metal series of albums called Heavy Metal Workout. Each song name is basically a weightlifting pun!  Not only will you get the puns (well, I hope you ‘get them’), I’m also going to share the story behind each song from […]


Heavy Metal Workout II: Instrumental Melodic Death Metal Workout Music

If you the first Heavy Metal Workout album got you pumped, then wait until you hear Heavy Metal Workout II! HMW II s my 3rd studio album. It’s a more aggressive approach to its predecessor. Heavy Metal Workout II contains 13 instrumental metal songs that are all movers and shakers. Get ready for an extreme dose […]

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