Heavy Metal and Weights: My New Amazon Book Release

By Jason Stallworth

November 15, 2017

I’ve got some extremely exciting news! My very first book…

Heavy Metal and Weights: My Story of Guitar, Weights, Heavy Metal Workout Albums, Passion, and Building Muscle‘ was published on Amazon, on December 1st, 2017.

Heavy Metal and Weights is available via:

  • Paper back on Amazon
  • Amazon Kindle


Why You Should Read Heavy Metal and Weights

In my book Heavy Metal and Weights, I start by telling you the story (or ‘stories’ rather) about how I got into heavy metal music, playing guitar, and weightlifting all around the same time.

These new adventures were birthed within a year’s time, in my mid-teens (this was around 1990).

I lead you through the journey of the events that led up to heavy metal and weights. Little did I know that all of these things would ultimately become passions.

Behind the Scenes: Making of the Heavy Metal Workout Album Series

You’ll also get the behind the scenes version about the creation of my Heavy Metal Workout album series.

I cover the recording process of the original Heavy Metal Workout album I released in 2016.

And I also talk about the creation of the heavier and more aggressive album I released in 2017, Heavy Metal Workout II.

There’s an interesting portion of the book where I discuss chasing your dreams and I give some tips on how to pursue your passions. I guess this has a slight hint of self-help.

Where as this entire book was written from my heart, this section is one you’ll want to really pay attention to, and perhaps read more than once.

2 Heavy Metal Workout Programs for You

Heavy Metal and Weights wouldn’t be complete without a workout program included!

In fact, I provide two full weight training programs in my Amazon book. One plan caters to gaining mass (my personal favorite), and the other is for getting that lean, ripped look.

Those are programs you can start as soon as you get the book! 

Book of Passion and Encouragement 

Reading Heavy Metal and Weights will help you become better at most everyone you do, and it will give you the motivation and drive to take action towards your dreams. I know you’ll find this to be an interesting and a solid read.

Although I talk about my humble beginnings and the making of the Heavy Metal Workout album series, most of the book is really geared towards encouraging you to get out there and pursue your passion!

Keep it Metal,



Heavy Metal and Weights book by Jason Stallworth

Jason Stallworth

About the author

Jason is a melodic metal solo artist, songwriter, acoustic performer, and co-founder of Metal Mastermind.

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